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Driving Lessons In Bradford

Tony Coates is a leading driving instructor in Bradford with many years of experience and successful test passes, but why is he the right choice for you?

Tony believes you are looking for three things…

  • Enjoyable Driving Lessons
  • To Become A Safe Driver
  • To Pass Your Driving Test

The reason why you should try Tony is because if you are not happy with your driving lesson then you do not pay. There are many cheap driving schools in Bradford and when there is very little information to compare one driving school with another often we go against our natural instincts and tempt fate with going with the cheapest driving instructor in Bradford. Therefore doesn’t it make so much sense to go try out Tony and if you are not happy you do not pay. There is zero risk on your shoulders.

But why is Tony doing this? Well he knows he has the experience and knowledge to help you, he just needs to prove that and what better than offering you this opportunity.

Driving Schools Bradford

How To Save Money On Driving Lessons
While every learner driver wants to get their driving licence we are all interested in saving money along the way, so here are Tony’s Top Tips.

1. On your first lesson you will be given a progress report form, it lists every single aspect to driving you need to know and it is also graded, from being introduced to the skill to being able to do the skill without any help. Make sure this form is completed.

2. Always have a mock test, it will show up an areas in your driving which need further development.

3. Before you go into your driving test you need to be driving without the support of your driving instructor

Driving Instructors Bradford

How To Save £500
While you can save £1 or £2 an hour with cheap driving schools in Bradford, Tony is going to show you how to save over £500, that is quite a difference.

If you did not know already the average number of driving lessons taken with a professional driving instructor by a learner driver is 47 hours, and that is when the learner also has another extra 20 hours when a parent or friend as private practice. This though is the average and includes people who only take one hour a week or miss weeks for whatever reason.
What you MUST do is take at least two hours a week, four hours if you can. You see the longer the time frame in between driving lessons the more you forget, and you do not have a lot of time to learn on a one hour driving lesson. This all means you end up repeating lessons. You can save up to as much as £200 by making show you take two to four hours of lessons every week.

Also when you learn this way you will not need to insure the a car for private practice, 3 months of insurance can easily cost you another £200 to £300.

Driving Instructors In Bradford

Passing Your Driving Test First Time
Failing your driving test is going to cost you around £250 and 25% of all learners will fail their first test, so right now you are going to understand what you need to be doing so you have every chance of going into the test and cracking it.

Earlier you read about understanding when you are ready, now you are going to step into the shoes of the driving examiner…
You will be taught the following on your first driving lesson and encouraged to use this method on every single lesson so you become a natural driver.

1. Obey the Highway Code
2. Drive as if you want to be a safe driver
3. Be in control of the car at all times
4. Adjust your driving to potential hazards

Just those four simple steps which you will start to learn on your first driving lesson are going to help you pass your driving test the first time.

All you need to do now is pick up the phone and give Tony a Call.

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