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You want to pass your driving test and as a beginner, driving lessons and what goes into them might be a little vague for you, so I want to show you.

The Initial Phone Call
I will ask you a few questions such as, do you have your provisional driving licence? Have you passed your theory test? And, do you have a time in mind for when you want to pass your driving test by? I will ask you when you want to start taking lessons and if there is an ideal day or time. Oh and of course I will ask where you want to be collected and dropped off. Some of my learners like to be collected from college or work and dropped off at home.

Your First Driving Lesson
Our aims are very simple, in fact driving is not complicated and I will make it easy for you.
I will drive you to a quiet area, free from traffic and we will go through some safety procedures, where to sit, how to position the mirrors etc and Im also going to go through the basics of passing your driving test.
…And yes you will be driving!

How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time.
You are going to learn this on your first driving lesson and we will use it for every single lesson you have.

1. To obey the Highway Code.
2. To be in control of the car at all times.
3. To spot hazards and adjust your driving to those hazards.
4. To have the mentality of a safe driver.

If you are raring to go or need more information call me