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Passing your driving test and the driving lessons you take are going to be great fun, or at least they should be! All driving instructors have the same minimum qualifications and should more or less work to the standard so a lot of your learning will come down to personality…do you get on with your driving instructor in Eccleshill?

What I recommend you to do, and yes this could shoot me in the foot, is to give me a call and see if we click. Go with your gut feeling and take a little special offer, and review your driving lessons after the special offer. Unlike other driving schools in Eccleshill I do not hold any special off lessons back to the driving test, I much prefer you to learn quick and to see if you like my lessons.

I think we all remember two teachers at school, the one you liked a lot and the one you didn’t, and the results you got from those classes were effected by the relationship with your teacher. You want to be looking forward to each and every lesson, so give me a call and judge for yourself.

Driving Schools Eccleshall

Your First Lesson
On your first driving lesson you will be driving but you will also see what it takes to pass your driving test. You will be learning a plan which I want you to use on every driving lesson because it will help you become a safe and natural driver which is what the driver examiner is going to be looking for. I want to help you build safe driving habits so everything becomes second nature.

Driving Schools in Eccleshall

When Are You Ready For Test
A lot of students as this question and it is really easy to work out.

1. You have to complete the learning to drive syllabus
2. Pass a mock test
3. drive unassisted

Tick off those 3 boxed and you will be fine.

Driving Lessons Eccleshall

What Is The Examiner Looking For
This goes back to the first driving lesson and it is what I want you to do on every single driving lesson.

1. Be in control of the car at all times
2. Obey the Highway Code
3. Drive like a safe driver would want to
4. Pick our potential hazards and adjust your driving to suit.

That is what the examiner is looking for…not that difficult really is it?

Driving Lessons in Eccleshall

Saving Your £500
Ok so let me show you how to save a lot of money on driving lessons and this is so obvious!
The average learner needs 47 hours of professional driving tuition and 20 hours of private practice, but the average driver does not learn properly. Imagine taking a one hour lesson every week, what will you remember from mast week? Not a lot right? The thing is with training you need regular training, so if you take 2 to 4 hours a week you learn more quickly and spend less on driving lessons because you forget less. And you have been there before. You have done this with after school activities like Karate, football, learning a language playing an instrument. You know if you have lessons in a short space of time learning becomes quicker. If you do this you can probably get rid of driving with mum and dad because insurance for ten weeks private practice could cost £300, and take lessons like the way I have explained could save you £200.

The of course there is passing the driving test, you now know what it takes to pass the test first time and you will train for that. Failing sets you back in the region of £300 with remedial lessons and a new test.

The right thing to do is pick up the phone and call me.
Do it now

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