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Driving Lessons In Undercliffe

What an exciting time it is to be taking driving lessons, my name is Tony, I will be your driving instructor and I have taught 100’s of people just like you to drive.
It will be my pleasure to meet you and guide you on your journey to getting your driving licence.

Below I have written some helpful advice on how to pass the driving test and how to save money. Read it or just call me, I look forward to working with you.

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Your First Lesson
The most important driving lessons is your first because I am going to teach you some very important basics that I want to see you perform on every driving lesson. The driving test itself can be very easy to pass if you follow my formula.
So yes you will be driving on your first lesson and I am going to go through with you the following.

1. How to be in control of the car
2. Making sure you obey the Highway Code
3. Driving with the mentality of a safe driver
4. Picking out potential hazards and adjusting your driving to match

You are going to do this on every single lesson because it is going to help you become a safe and natural driver.

Driving Schools in Undercliffe

When Are You Ready For Test
Of course I will say when you are ready but I think its is great if you know for yourself as it does wonders for your confidence. This is what you need to be able to do.

1. To have completed the learning to drive syllabus
2. To have passed a mock test
3. To be driving without my help

Once you can achieve those 3 points you are ready to impress the examiner.

Driving Lessons Undercliffe

What Is The Examiner Looking For
Remember what I wrote about your first lesson and those 4 points, they are included in your first driving lesson for a reason, because it is exactly what the driving examiner wants to see. You perform to that standard and you will pass your driving test.

Driving Lessons in Undercliffe

Saving Your £500
I can’t blame any learner driving trying to save money on passing the driving test bu rather then saving £3 or £4 per driving lesson, isn’t it better to save over £500?
This is how to do it.
Now if you can’t afford to learn and will need to miss weeks my best advice is to save up, because if you take 2 to 4 hours of training per week you will need fewer lessons overall. The average learner needs 20 hours of private practice with someone like a parent and 47 hours with a driving instructor, but that is the average person who takes one hour a week, misses weeks etc. What happens is training becomes harder for them as they forget what they learned and are always playing catch up.

Driving on a parents car will probably cost you £300 or so for 10 weeks insurance and fuel, and if you can save on ten driving lessons, you are saving over £500, all you need to do is learn properly.

I am going to teach you to drive safely and as you have already seen I am going to teach you how to pass the driving test first time, if you do that, you are going to save in the regions of £300. So really by following my formula you can save close to £1000 on getting your driving licence.

Give me a call now.

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