Driving Test Rescue

Phone 07958 935581
This is a special course of driving lessons designed to help you learner drivers who have been continually failing their driving test. The driving test itself is purely a measure of safety and if you have failing time and time again it is likely to not be your fault…

This is a course of 10 hours.
Before the course starts you will receive a telephone consultation which is usually made on upon your enquiry. We will go through your driving experience and the reasons why you have been failing. By the end of the conversation you will understand why you have been failing and start to see how this can be rectified. The consultation is worth £20 but is given to you free of charge.

Each lesson is 2 hours long, therefore you will have five sessions, the last session could be for your driving test depending upon your ability at that point.

The first session is an assessment of your ability but please understand this is not personal to you; I am looking into why your training has not been working because that will be the beginning of your faults. By the end of the lesson we will understand the issues to your learning, know where you have been going wrong, why you have been going wrong and started to make corrective training.

The remaining sessions are based upon the assessment and are for corrective learning.
This is a one time opportunity course so you have to get in contact quickly. The cost of the course is £275, when you consider that failing a driving test cost around £300 a time this represents excellent value for money.

Stop with the mistakes you are making, stop going for regular driving lessons and take the Driving Test Rescue Course. Call me now.