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Intensive Driving Lessons In Bradford

Usually people think of intensives driving courses as cramming as many hours into a week as you can, but if you are going to take intensive driving lessons in Bradford there are better options for you.

Intensive Driving Courses in Bradford

How Many Hours Do You Need?
This is a question which is always asked, and a rough guide is this.
If you are a complete beginner take 40 hours, the national average to pass is 47 and if you need more then fine, but by learning in a shorter space of time ought to mean you will need fewer lessons.

If you are part trained then 20 to 30 hours would probably suit you, it really depends how much you have learned so far and how good you are.

For people who have recently failed a driving test then the 10 hour course taken as the Driving Test Rescue is ideal for you.

Intensive Driving Courses Bradford

How Many Hours In A Week Can You Do?
While some schools will allow you to do 30 or 40 hours it is very tiring for you and the chances of passing start to decrease partly due to fatigue. You need the chance to freshen up and reflect on your learning for it to sink in properly. If you did want this amount of hours in a week; make sure your test is 7 to 10 days after and take a couple of extra lessons in between, it will help your chances of passing.

Intensive Driving Schools in Bradford

Weekend Courses
These are very popular, you do 10 hours of a Saturday and Sunday and by the end of the month if you started as a total novice you will have completed the learning to drive syllabus.
The course allows you to go to college or work in the week and you can do your lessons at the weekend and keep yourself fresh.

Intensive Driving Courses Bradford

2 Hours A Day
Imagine doing two hours a day for 5 days a week.
You could be picked up from home in the morning and dropped off elsewhere like work or college, or be picked up in the evening and taken back home.
This course is actually quite a time saver because it will cut out some of your commuting time.

At the end of the week you will have finished 10 hours, for a beginner by the end of the month you will be ready for your driving test.

Before You Take Your Driving Test
Of course before you can pass your driving test you need to pass your theory, you can use the online theory software on my website to practice this. Also you can book your tests directly from my website .

For more information on how I can help you get your driving licence and to check for availability give me a call now.

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