Part Trained

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Part trained driving lessons are for learner drivers who have already started to learn and that could be as private practice or with another driving school. They are designed to save you time and money by side stepping the basic skills you have already acquired, allowing you to concentrate on developing any new skills you need and getting ready for your driving test.

Most driving schools in Bradford will offer you beginner lessons, but I know that with a chat on the phone and an opportunity to see you drive I can write you a lesson plan to help you pass your driving test.

So as I have hinted to, before the first driving lesson we will have a good chat about your skills, experience and I want to get your opinion on your driving. This will set up the first lessons perfectly where you will show me what you can do. Obviously as a learner I am expecting mistakes and not perfection so the pressure is totally off.

By the end of the lesson you will have improved your skills and have a personalised lesson plan which will help you cover all areas of driving so you can get your driving licence.

If you want to save time and money, phone me